What Happens When A Warrant For Arrest Is Issued In Los Angeles County?

Reasons for a bench warrant could include:.

Man Arrested By ICE Wanted On Mexican Homicide Warrant Connected To Brother's Crime, Mexican Officia

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Judges and prosecutors appreciate individuals voluntarily coming into court making a "good faith" effort to correct this problem - regardless of the cause or how long it has been since the warrant was issued. We explain our clients' unique situation and demonstrate why they did not appear, did not pay the fine, or otherwise did not comply with a court order.

After removing the warrants from our clients' record, we are also capable of assisting clients with restoring their driver's license if it was suspended as a result of the outstanding warrant. If you have outstanding warrants for failure to appear or have been arrested for failure to appear, contact our criminal defense law firm.

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Our Expertise. Removing Warrants. Removing Warrants Los Angeles and San Diego Defense Attorneys Under California law, failing to comply with a court order or appear in court when required can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

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For example, if the person has many past bench warrants, it is a reasonable conclusion to make that the person does not take their court dates very seriously and is likely to not appear. A bench warrant is issued when a person does not appear on a scheduled court date. When the person does not appear the Judge will issue the warrant and officers are to bring the person into custody if he or she is found.

Arrest Warrants & Bench Warrants

When a person is asked by the Court to appear on a certain date, it is extremely important that they adhere to the request. If it is absolutely implausible for them to be able to make the scheduled hearing, they must take steps to inform the court or to change the date. When the scheduled appearance is missed, a Bench Warrant is issued on the person who failed to appear.

A Bench Warrant is an order made by the Judge that allows law enforcement to pick up the person and bring them before the Judge to explain their failure to appear. This allows police to bring you into court if you are pulled over for any routine stop, and give them the right to come to your house and take you to court. A failure to appear can become a serious issue, if not taken care of right away.

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It not only gives off a negative impression of a person, but also causes unnecessary hassle in your life. When a person is charged with a Los Angeles Criminal case they are required by state law to be placed on Probation depending on the offense. There are over s of different offenses in the California Penal code and each will yield difference consequences. The sentence will include one of two types of probation, informal and formal. Informal probation is generally the case for misdemeanor charges.

Petty theft will generally be given informal probation which is unsupervised.

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Formal probation on the other hand requires that a person check in with a deputy probation officer and is strictly enforced. Charges like felony hit and run, or theft will require formal probation after a jail sentence has been served. There are two type of probation violations: external and internal. An internal probation violation results when a person fails to complete required education classes, pay a fine, fail a required drug test or fail to report to a probation officer in cases of formal probation.

An external violation results when a similar crime is committed within the probationary period. A failure to appear can result from a variety of different circumstances, including not appearing in court after receiving a ticket or moving violations by the date or deadline listed on the violation citation.

Signing the bottom of a ticket for a moving violation is acknowledging that you promise to appear by the court date set on the ticket. Another common reason for clients receiving failures to appear is by not paying your fine or completing your community service by the date set by the court. A bench warrant is similar to a failure to appear, except they are ordered by a Judge in a misdemeanor or felony case. Once a bench warrant has been ordered, a bail amount is set by the judge.

Bench Warrants