1. What is V are Family’s role?

V are Family is the exclusive manager and operator of a collection of wonderful homes. On behalf of the villa owners we look after all aspects of the home – from maintenance, kitchen, home keeping, and staff training to all manner of guest interactions, management and marketing. We handle everything – for our villa owners, and our guests - and strive to ensure the best experience for both.

2. What do I get at a V are Family vacation home? How are you different to a hotel?

V are Family provides you a private home and service with basic comforts on par with luxury hotels, but with far more social and personal comforts. As opposed to hotels we provide significantly larger spaces – a fully private villa – with something for everyone. Outdoor spaces, personalized service all day, the ability to customize your stay for celebrations and a variety of home food cuisines are just some of the benefits of staying with us. Every home comes with dedicated in-house cooks and home keepers, and access to food and services as you want, when you want. All at comfortable costs!

3. How many people, and staff, do you accommodate at your villa?

Each villa has a maximum capacity along with extra mattresses, where possible, provided free of charge and on request. Children under 4 are not included in the count. If your group exceeds the capacity, we can offer another neighbouring villa. Some of our homes allow for pets. Please contact your vacation manager if you plan to travel with your furriest family member. We provide accommodation for your private staff, free of cost, where possible. In some locations we can provide external accommodation, with minor charges. Please refer to the property detail page, or consult with your vacation manager to meet your needs.

4. How do I make a booking?

To make your booking call us or leave a booking request on our website and our vacation managers will get back to you as soon as possible. We provide bookings by the villa. You may use as many, or as few, of the rooms as you would like. If your group size is smaller than villa capacity, please speak to your vacation manager for a possible solution. We request all payments be concluded 30 days prior to arrival. Please read our booking policy here or speak to your vacation manager for a payment plan that suits you. Our central number is +91-9810074777, and you can get in touch with individual vacation managers by visiting our Get in Touch section.

5. Once I have booked my villas of choice, how do I go about customizing my holiday?

Once your booking is confirmed, your vacation manager will call you to discuss any pre-requirements you may have. Two days prior to your arrival our local Chief of Guest Relations will contact you to understand your meal requirements, groceries order, expected arrival time, and any other needs.

6. How do we order, and pay for, food and beverages?

Eating at our homes should feel as easy as eating in your own. We procure groceries according to a menu decided by you. Our in-house cook and staff, whose rates are included in the total tariff, will provide you food, beverages and snacks at any time of the day. Our meals are made at cost – we do not charge for anything, you pay only for the grocery order. You may bring your own food and alcohol, if you want, free of charge. Our Chief of Guest Relations can work with you to finalize a menu prior to your arrival. Please inform them of any dietary restrictions and meal preferences that you would like your host to be aware of. Then, all you have to do is focus on enjoying your holiday, while we cater to your needs.

7. What can our home cooks prepare?

All our home cooks are trained in multi-home cuisines. They can cook a large variety of cuisines – including the ever popular North and South Indian, Continental and Chinese – but within the home food segment. This means they can provide food across cuisines, but some will be more proficient at one dish than the other. Each cook has their own speciality, and will cook meals accordingly. You may consult with them at anytime to further plan your meals, or a variation on a dish.

8. What time is the arrival and departure? Do you allow early arrival or late departure?

The suggested arrival time in all our homes is 2pm and departure time is 11am. If no other party of guests has a booking before or after you we allow for early arrivals and late departures. Speak to your vacation manager to find out if this option is available to you.

9. How do we reach the vacation home? How do I find it?

After the confirmation of every booking, our vacation manager will share detailed directions, including a google maps directions link, to the villa. Our local Site Chief can also be contacted directly to help guide you. As these are privately owned homes, V are Family cannot put up road signs for them.

10. How often are the linen and the towels changed? Do we have basic toiletries available at the home?

We change linens and towels, in every villa, every third day. All our homes come equipped with basic toiletries and accessories.

11. Till what time can I play music at night?

We provide a music system in each of our homes and wish for you to enjoy your holiday in the company of your favourite singers. However, we request that your enjoyment is not at the cost of disturbing the neighbourhood. As our homes are in residential complexes and civil neighbourhoods, we request no loud music be played during your stay.

12. Is there any security or guards at the property?

Most of our homes are in residential neighbourhoods and complexes and as such have access to 24x7 security. Further, almost all our homes have separate quarters for in-house staff, where they retire after serving you for the day.